Clean Diet With A Partner

November 12, 2020

“How do you maintain a 3-week reset WITH a partner in the house? I feel like it’s much easier to do when you’re single, but much more challenging when there is someone else in the house you cook with.”

This is a question I get on a regular basis, but even more lately since I launched my 3-week reset. Sorry boys, but you get blamed a LOT for your partners’ cheat days! I also hear often that having children around the house can make it hard to resist bad choices. The truth is, any sort of discipline or routine tends to be easier when you’re single or living alone. You don’t have as many temptations, distractions, or interruptions. When you are the only one controlling what kind of food is in your house, it’s all in your own hands. But having meals together, in my opinion, is an amazing way to spend quality time with your S.O. or someone you’re getting to know. After all, I love good food almost as much as I love my BF. Since I’ve been in both situations, I’m sharing my best tips with you.

Figure out foods that you BOTH like

If you’re in a relationship with someone who is REALLY picky and unwilling to try “healthy foods”, dump them. JK. I’m SO fortunate that my man was already a clean eater before we met. It also helps that he’s an excellent cook and doesn’t eat dairy. But when you can find things that you can both look forward to eating and cooking, it makes eating clean enjoyable and easy. If you see something delicious on Instagram, send it to them for inspiration! Healthy eating should never be boring.

Be mindful of your portion sizes

Ladies, unless your man is your same size, you might want to consider a smaller portion than his. While I can most definitely eat the same size portions as a large man, I wouldn’t be as lean if I did all the time. Be mindful when you are serving yourself. Overeating is SO common when you’re eating with another person or if you’re the one serving the meal. Drink water, eat slowly, and pay attention to when you feel full.

Ask for support

Even if your partner isn’t completely on board with living a healthier lifestyle, having their support is huge. Avoiding keeping junk food or excess alcohol in the house will help reduce any temptations you might have. Make a pact to only buy items that fit the guidelines. If they understand that a 3-week reset can help build new habits or help you lose weight, they will be more likely to support you. Express to them that you are trying to make some positive changes that might benefit them as well! Teamwork makes the dream work.

Have a plan

Write out a weekly dinner plan and stick it on the refrigerator. This might sound obsessive or crazy, but it’s not. In fact, you might just love how much it helps keep you and your partner on track during the week when you’re both busy. This will also avoid settling for take-out. I think we’ve all had a super demanding day (or many days) where our hectic schedules take precedence over planning dinner. If you can grocery shop and make a plan of weeknight meals on a Sunday, it takes the stress away from planning the day of.

At the end of the day, making healthy choices and creating a good routine takes effort and discipline. Doing it alongside someone cute makes it all even better. Once you start seeing the benefits, you’ll realize that’s it’s possible and 100% worth it!

♡ Liv